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We’re Klar&Co. Our name is new, but our roots are deep. As pioneers in natural beauty with brands like Yes To…, we brought our extensive experience of clean, green products to launching our own company, Trendsformers. Recently, we decided on a name change, so we’re now Klar&Co. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, and we’ve decided to put our family’s name front and center. 

Klar&Co. is inclusive, innovative, sustainable, accessible self-care for all and we’re making beauty better. We are a family company with a wealth of experience and an eye for innovation in the self-care space that is dedicated to making the best in beauty accessible to everyone. We’ve grown quickly in recent years by building a reputation for successful retail partnerships and delivering products to customers that they love and that make them feel good. Thanks to our years of successful work in the industry, we've established professional relationships and an industry infrastructure worldwide that keeps us in tune with the trends, the innovations, and the innovators that help us bring a unique insight to everything we do. We’ve built something special, and we want to share it with the world.

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At Klar&Co., our unique and profound commitment to sustainability goes beyond our green practices; it’s about holding ourselves accountable for making the world a better place for our customers, our clients, and our community. It’s a core value in our family, in our lives as individuals, and as a business: take nothing for granted, treat everyone as valuable, and waste no precious resource. That's why we create clean, green, cruelty free, and inclusive products and opportunities. We continually remind and renew our commitment to these principles, so we can stay focused on making a difference.

Clean Beauty
Cruelty Free
95% Natural
100% Vegan
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Klar&Co. is a family business, so authenticity and responsibility is important to us; it’s part of our upbringing, our ethos, and the changes we want to see in the world. With that in mind, we’ve committed to building a business that’s powered by our devotion to customer satisfaction and ethical practices every day at every step. We’re mission driven to not just provide the best products in the self-care space, but to be a business that makes a real difference in our industry and our environment and the way we treat people.

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