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With a team that includes the co-founder of the wildly successful Yes To… brand, Trendsformers, now known as Klar&Co., was launched from a place of deep industry understanding and a passion for innovation. The result is a multi-brand beauty powerhouse and go-to industry expert. Our hard work, speed to market, industry experience, and devotion to customer service has paid off in growth and we've become an accomplished producer of accessible, comprehensive self-care lines. So much so that this year Inc Magazine named us to the top “1,000 Fastest Growing Companies in the US” list for the third year in a row. The volume of business we've achieved has allowed us to claim an ownership stake in a cutting-edge Korean beauty factory and R&D lab, which gives us a unique advantage when it comes to expertise, pricing, and production schedules.    

We’re pleased with our past accomplishments and excited to tackle new challenges in growing business models and industry changes in product development, sustainability, and inclusion. Partnering with Walmart, Target, Nordstrom, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walgreens, Whole Foods, QVC, and others, our work has resulted in developing programs that can help retailers with everything they need to fill in the gaps in their assortments, so businesses are meeting all opportunities in the market and providing their customers with the most effective, most purchased range of skincare solutions. Our worldwide connections and industry know-how provides a scalable, seamless system of innovation and delivery that has resulted in a portfolio of popular, value-driven brands. 

That’s why we’ve launched a number of clean beauty brands that meet the moment and provide lasting solutions in order to give your everyday a boost. Azure is our on-trend, affordable brand that provides skincare solutions created with “the quality formulas you need, the innovative ingredients you crave, the natural, vegan, clean, cruelty-free products you demand” in mind. Fortify+, with its clean, germ-fighting formulas, was created to provide consumers with some peace of mind as part of their self-care routines. Our portfolio includes a range of collections that meet different needs and tastes. In addition to rising to the moment, every one of our products is fueled by our commitment to create affordable, green, clean beauty for all. 

As part of our own growth, we’re thinking about the future and the kind of world we want to see. Our vision is rooted in a promise; a promise to customers and partners that goes way beyond simply producing products. It’s about making the world a more beautiful place every day in ways big and small. This vision extends from every effective, ingredient-driven formula we deliver to our company-wide commitment to creating clean, cruelty-free, sustainable, inclusive, and authentic solutions. Because, to us, beauty is about more than just making the best products, it’s about making everyone’s day a little brighter and the world a little better.

Our Mission

Klar&Co. is a family business, so authenticity and responsibility is important to us; it’s part of our upbringing, our ethos, and the changes we want to see in the world. With that in mind, we’ve committed to building a business that’s powered by our devotion to customer satisfaction and ethical practices every day at every step. We’re mission driven to not just provide the best products in the self-care space, but to be a business that makes a real difference in our industry, our environment, and the way we treat people. 

Our Values

Our values stem from our family’s teachings about valuing the worth of every person and the world we’ve inherited. As immigrants and the children/grandchildren of immigrants, we were taught to understand the importance of both the entrepreneurial spirit and the obligation to give back. As part of our ongoing commitment to our clients and customers’ satisfaction, Klar&Co. has always been and will always be guided by people-first principles. In building our business and creating skincare, supplements, and more, we think about our environmental impact and inclusive practices at every step. We take nothing for granted and will be deliberate and thoughtful in these steps and will be transparent in our goals and accomplishments as we grow.


To Be Responsible:
Trends come and go, markets shift, but we pledge to stay connected to the needs of customers and partners. In beauty and beyond, we want to make products that enhance people’s lives without sacrificing their dignity or the world we share.

To Make Beauty Better:
To use nature and science to create clean and ethical beauty and wellness solutions that make people’s lives better. To provide a range of trustworthy skincare solutions that brighten your day and give your spirits (as well as your skin) a little boost and honor your values.

To Exceed Expectation:
To build relationships with our clients and consumers based on earned trust earned through good work, ethical practices, and real results.

To Be Part of the Whole:
The Klar& has always been a part of the global community and understands the opportunity we have to make a positive impact by following principles of accessibility, responsibility, and sustainability.

Our Partners

David Klar


Joseph Klar


Sarah Klar

Creative Director

Jackie Danicki

Head of Marketing

George Okafor

VP of Sales

Mendel Klar

Ecommerce Manager

Our Team

Some family you’re born with; some family you choose. As we build out our business, we have expanded our team to include some of the best and brightest in the beauty industry and we appreciate that every day. We have built a work family that comes from a wide range of backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences, and these differences have made us stronger, smarter, and more cohesive as a team. As we expand, we want to continue to follow this model. People are an asset and a support system, not merely workers. Our staff knows that we see them, and we cherish their contribution to our success. To attract and retain an all-star team, we have also committed to creating a work environment that fosters innovation and rewards teamwork.


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