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Over the last few years, our portfolio has expanded to include a range of consumer-first brands that fuse innovation with empowerment. At the heart of each brand is a dedication to providing users with effective, reliable skincare solutions that meet their needs and recognize their uniqueness. Whether inspired by nature or crafted by science, every product we make is designed to uphold our commitment to making clean, high quality, sustainable, inclusive, cruelty-free skincare available to all. Our brands include:


Azure is prestige skincare without the fancy price tag. Developed on the idea that luxury and quality formulas should be attainable for everyone without compromise. Our products are solution driven, covering a wide range of skincare needs, including anti-aging, firming, and nourishing skin. These rich formulas are able to tackle multiple needs by focusing on powerhouse combinations of ingredients like Collagen, Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin C.  A best-selling brand with TJ Maxx Australia and other outlets, Azure is making opulent skincare accessible to all.

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Clear Beauty

Clear Beauty believes beauty should be fun and effective. Inspired by and sourced from the same labs as the hottest K-Beauty brands, Clear Beauty’s formulas include the best in clean, high-quality ingredients.  We’ve created ingredient-driven, effective skincare for customers who know what works for them and want to know how to customize their routines. Powered by proven ingredients, such as 24k Gold, Squalene, Peptides, and more, users can mix and match their solutions to the results they want.


Effective and easy to use, Element’s multi-purpose solutions are focused on meeting men’s specific needs. In creating Element, we kept men’s specific grooming needs and practices in mind and partnered with experts that specialize in men’s skincare to create a solution-oriented, ingredient-focused range of formulas. Our deep-cleansing care includes on-trend and effective ingredients like Charcoal, Tea Tree, Jojoba Beads and Eucalyptus, to give men the care they deserve without any extra steps or fuss. 


Fortify+ is on a mission to provide first-of-its-kind skincare that’s right for the times. Our unique formulas bring a new balance to self-care by pairing Zeolite, a naturally occurring mineral that fights germs and other pathogens, with nourishing probiotics that support the health of the skin’s natural microbiome. The result is a range of unique skin solutions that offer peace of mind, quality ingredients, and effective care for every day.


Natural Chemist

Natural Chemist’s approach to formulation is designed to bring nature closer to the skincare process by combining the power of natural ingredients, the real results of chemistry, and the science of skincare. Skin feels nurtured and nourished with time-tested and lab-proven ingredients that hydrate and soothe without harsh or unnecessary chemicals for clean, effective solutions.

Pure Formula

With a focus on clean, simple ingredients, Pure Formula was created for customers looking for natural, effective skincare.  Simple and soothing, each step is created with the effective, natural ingredients people want and without the unnecessary and irritating fillers, colors, and irritants they want to avoid. Gentle and sustainable, it keeps the planet - and skin - looking beautiful.

Repair Beauty

Repair Beauty is focused on improving skin’s health through the science of skin regeneration. For this line we have curated a range of clean, therapeutic. restorative formulas that quickly improve tired, dull and stressed skin. So, skin looks healthy, radiant, and ready to reach its full potential.

Skin 2.0

Skin 2.0 challenges you to rethink your routine. Backed by science and tapped into the latest trends in skincare, this carefully curated line offers a range of solutions for every skin concern at a price point that makes designing your best regimen easy and effective.

Skin Aesthetics

The Skin Aesthetics line of formulas is driven by bringing real results, on-trend ingredients, and smart values straight to consumers. Beyond the buzzy ingredients, when curating the Skin Aesthetics line, we carefully studied consumer trends, our own best sellers, and industry expertise; the result is a line of clean, effective formulas that provides the specific skincare solutions customers truly want. The result is a beautiful glow that feels healthy, moisturized, and bright – with or without makeup.


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