At Klar&Co., our unique and profound commitment to sustainability goes beyond our green practices; it’s about holding ourselves accountable for making the world a better place for our customers, our clients, and our community. It’s a core value in our family, in our lives as individuals, and as a business: take nothing for granted, treat everyone as valuable, and waste no precious resource. That's why we create clean, green, cruelty free, and inclusive products and opportunities. We continually remind and renew our commitment to these principles, so we can stay focused on making a difference.

Our Products

We’re here to support people every day in living their best lives and feeling good, so you can trust that our formulas will be kind, clean, and effective. To put it plainly, our definition of clean means that our products will be cruelty free, vegan, and skin-loving formulas with trustworthy ingredients and real results. Additionally, we will accelerate our commitment to reducing our environmental impact with green practices at every step. The result is our promise that every item we create will be simple, skin-safe, and ethically sourced ingredients from nature and science that you can feel good about using.

Clean Beauty
95% Natural

Our Planet

We pledge to think of our environmental impact at every step in order to create greener, cleaner products. This means that all of our ingredients will be ethically and sustainably sourced, and our packaging will be biodegradable, recyclable, made with minimal packaging, and printed with soy ink whenever possible. In production and delivery, we will actively seek out ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We will also look for partners in every aspect from sourcing to sales that carefully consider their environmental impact, so the entire lifecycle of each item we put our brand name on meets the same high standards we hold ourselves to, because we want you to look good and feel good about your care.

100% Vegan
Cruelty Free

Our People

Our family and our company is all about giving back to the world. That’s why we’re committed to inclusivity both within our company and in the way we interact with our customers. We want everyone to feel welcome by our company and see themselves as part of the extended family in our accessible, inclusive products and practices. We will make it our mission to practice these values both within our own company tribe in our policies and with our customers and partners in recognizing our peoples’ inherent dignity with products and practices that honor gender identity, encourage diversity, and build community. 

Diversity & Inclusiveness


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